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Release Date:  October 20, 2023
Genre:  Electronic / Jazz 
Produced By:  Hans Glader 
Duration: 3:43
Label:  Hans Glader
Type:  First Single from the EP "Canvas"

Hans Glader 52K
Spotify:  Kaylan Arnold 37K
TikTok:  Whoiskaylan  50K


Los Angeles, California

San Francisco, California

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Once again working with Kaylan Arnold's powerful and soulful vocals, Hans Glader delivers a wistful yet ultimately empowering track entitled "Baggage."  Using lush harmony, a sluggy percussive beat, and a yet light piano touch throughout, the song also delivers on Hans' signature electronic style.  He places the listener squarely into a vidid organic and electronic soundscape to witness Kaylan's earnest questions:

"What more do you want? How much more can you take from me?" ... Time and time again I watch the good turn into bad.  Could it be me, or baby, you have too much baggage?"

Baggage is the first single off the upcoming EP "Canvas", set to drop November 17th. 


Native Californian Hans Glader is an electronic music producer heavily influenced by a jazz drumming background. Hans’ feel good music is rhythmically intricate and seamlessly blends a vivid soundscapes with infectious grooves. His innovative sound design is headphone nirvana and he delivers musical Easter eggs throughout his songs, holding listeners interest from the opening sounds to the closing notes.  He has toured both in the United States and internationally in Canada and the U.K., and has been heralded as part of the new gen producers of electronic music. With commercial success from his self-released tunes Ghetto Strut and Lost (also with Kaylan Arnold), Hans has also released two EPs on Los Angeles' Night Bass records, multiple tracks on Insomniac's In/Rotation imprint, and 22 joyous and bouncy tracks and official remixes with multiple UK and French-based record labels, including Local Action, Kiwi Rekords, Wub Club, Steppers Club, and Noir Sur Blanc.


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