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Electronic music producer and DJ Hans Glader brings his own native California feel-good perspective to the UKG sound. Influenced by his years as a drummer, Hans’ music is rhythmically intricate and seamlessly blends a lush soundscape of jazz and R&B with a bouncy and infectious groove. His subtle touches and innovative sound design delivers musical Easter eggs throughout his songs, and are a cornerstone of his production style and a reflection of his ability to invoke something deeper through his music.  His singular take has garnered the respect of and collaboration with British baseline icon DJ Q, UKG standout Sammy Virji and Night Bass founder AC Slater. 



Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and producing in Los Angeles, Hans’ comfort on a drum set from an early age translates into tight and complex rhythmic tracks.  You can hear his fascination with digital and analog synthesis in his sound design, as well as layered organic live drums and intense sample manipulation.  Hans always throws in a heavy dose of quirk and wraps his sound in the hyphy flavor from his Bay Area roots. A Cuisinart of sound and verse, Hans' playful and energized music always aims to surprise his fans and keep them on the move. 

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