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Native Californian Hans Glader is an electronic music producer and DJ.  Heavily influenced by a jazz drumming background, Hans’ feel good music is rhythmically intricate and seamlessly blends a lush soundscape of jazz and R&B with with infectious grooves. His innovative sound design delivers musical Easter eggs throughout his songs and has garnered the respect and collaboration of British baseline icon DJ Q and Night Bass founder AC Slater.  His two Night Bass EP's, Lumen and Breathe, show off his subtle touches and innovative sound design that are a cornerstone of his production style and a reflection of his ability to invoke something deeper through his music.

Based:  Los Angeles

Genre:  Electronic / Jazz

Years Active:  Since  2019 

Labels: Local Action, Night Bass, In/Rotation (Insomniac Records), Noir Sur Blanc, Kiwi Rekords, Bite This!, The Wub Club, Gold Digger, Garage Shared, Beastwang, Steppers Club

Contact/Booking: Hans(at)

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Hans Glader live recording at Sound Nightclub
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2/16 Lost Remixes EP (Self Release)

         Lost (original) 

         Drinks on Me

         DJ Q

          wes pierce


 1/12  Never Enough w/ Drinks on Me


11/17 Canvas EP (Self Release)



          Baggage (feat. Kaylan Arnold)


          Rizzo Percs (feat. SG)

          Solace (feat. Cam James)

11/3 Rizzo Percs (feat. SG)  (Self Release)

10/20 Baggage (feat. Kaylan Arnold)  (Self Release)

04/12 Love Me Like with DJ Q (Hans Glader Remix)

03/10 Take Me Away EP (Steppers Club)

          Take Me Away w/ Soxx 


03/01 Flaws w/ Drinks on Me (Self Release)

01/17 Real w/ Isenberg (In/Rotation Insomniac Records)


12/22 By The Way (Bootleg)

9/22 Pipe Dreams w/ DJ Q (Local Action)

8/22 Breathe EP (Night Bass)

        Operator feat. Gemma Fox

        Serene w/ Event Horizon, Whiskey Pete


7/22 Lost  feat. Kaylan Arnold (Self Release)

6/22 Nostalgia w/ SG (Night Bass)
5/22 Know Myself w/ Oppidan feat. Paige Eliza (Self Release)
4/22 Be Alone by Oppidan (Remix) (Kiwi Rekords)

3/22 Good Vibes by Tuff Culture x SG (Remix) (Garage Shared)

1/22 Something About You by Soulecta (Remix) (Garage Shared)


11/21 Autumn (Wub Club)
8/21 Music in the Sun w/ Coco (Am Not Playin)
7/21 I Can’t Stay  w/ DJ Q (feat. Shola Alma) (Local Action)
5/21 Mad4U EP  (Wub Club)


        You Can Dance w/ Georgie

4/21 Gravity  w/ Oppidan (Cygnus Music)
3/21 Lumen EP  (Night Bass)



        Dimelo w/ AC Slater

        Set You Free   
2/21 Thief In the Night  w/ DJ Q   (Local Action)
2/21 Proceed  w/ MPH (Noir Sur Blanc)

2/21 Hold The Wall by Justin Timberlake (Bootleg)  (Beastwang)
1/21 Got Work  (24 Hour Garage Girls)
1/21 Feel Like MJ  (Self Release)



12/20 Right On, Right On by James Brown (Bootleg) (Beastwang)

10/20 Around by Tupac (Bootleg) (Self Release)
8/20 Nobody w/ Tuff Culture (Garage Shared)
8/20 I Can’t  (Gold Digger Records)
6/20 Ghetto Strut  (Self Release)
6/20 Giant  w/ Honey & Badger (Bite This!)
5/20 Be Careful  w/ Sammy Virji  (IIP-DDS)
5/20 Get Down w/ Lodgerz (Bite This!)
4/20 Tamalpais (In/Rotation Insomniac Records)
3/20 The Birds  w/ MPH  (Self, Kiwi Rekords)
2/20 Reyes (In/Rotation Insomniac Records)
2/20 The Town (Noir Sur Blanc)
2/20 Mamas Addiction (Remix) (Eph’d Up)

1/20 The Passion by Tupac (Bootleg) (Self Release)



“Hans Glader is from California, and is easily one of the most talented people I’ve worked with.  It’s so good to see the UK sound being done in America but with a special twist.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was the next big thing …”
Sammy Virji 
“Hans Glader won my Twitch Sample Battle back in September 2020. He took a handful of basic samples and made such a beautiful and fully developed song out of it. So I asked if he wanted to do an EP for Night Bass. Feels so good to put out something a bit deeper and more thoughtful on Night Bass.”
– AC Slater
Hans Glader is one of the producers who’s really got me excited about UK Garage again this past year.”

"Hans Glader, a California-based production mastermind, whose uniquely bouncy and colourful approach to dance music lands him precisely where he needs to be to reinvent that garage sound with an LA twist. Hans is no stranger to the UK scene at this point, racking up numerous releases and collaborations with some of the biggest names this side of the water. "

3000 UK

“The only way to describe his music is like being high at Disneyland.  There’s so much ear candy and intricacy to his tunes.” Drinks On Me


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